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Introducing Enterprise+ Broadband

Connectivity is paramount to empowering people and bringing profits to otherwise underdeveloped communities, and Enterprise+ Broadband can deliver the reliable connection necessary.

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SES Satellite Power in Africa

SES has the power to connect Africa. Rising above terrestrial challenges, our satellites can help deliver healthcare, education, television and mobile services across the continent.

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B2B (Elevate for Enterprises)

Elevate is the SES installer training programme in Africa, providing free business skills development and technical training workshops across the continent, providing all Elevate installers with a chance to improve their skills and grow their business, as well as supporting the growth of Africa's digital broadcast industry.   

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Astra, West Africa’s digital TV platform

Broadcasting in West Africa will never be the same after the launch of SES’ Digital TV Platform on ASTRA 2F, giving broadcasters an immediate reach of 1,7 million households, premium channels, SD and HD capabilities and a range of end-to-end services that will help you deliver the best television possible.

Welcome to SES

We are the world-leading satellite operator, providing reliable and secure satellite communications solutions to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers, reaching 99% of the world’s population.


Reaching over 317 million homes, we help to grow your audience